Night-sitting or Waking Nights

Night Sitting or Waking Night services

Our overnight care service is divided into two categories and depends on your requirements.

Night Sitting
Overnight care service is catered for those people who require frequent assistance throughout the night. Examples where this service is more suited would be for incontinence, disorientation & insomnia. Our carer will be awake and able to offer hands on help during the night.

Waking Night

Our waking night service our member of staff can making certain that you are made comfortable, are safe and have taken any medications before bedtime. Ordinarily our carer can assist twice a night with say using the toilet. Our carer will need to be provided with a bed where they can sleep but they will be available if you need anything.
Under our waking night service, we provide an on-call care worker at all times during the night.  Care workers are awake, alert and  making certain that our client is sleeping or resting or at least safe, sound and secure.

Why choose Fortune Life Home Care for Night Sitting or Waking Night Support?

  • Our overnight care support will assist so you or your love one get into bed and comfortable.
  • You will have an overnight companion with you that provides reassurance.
  • Your family and relatives can have the confidence that you are safe and have easy access to assistance
  • We can provide a couple of carers which can help you and your family manage with the pressures of daily overnight care

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