Dementia Care

Symptoms of Dementia can affect a person’s life in many ways such as memory loss, problems with thinking and planning, difficulties with language, failure to recognise people or objects and a change of personality. People who develop dementia often live for many years with the condition. Over time the conditions of dementia progresses so many people will eventually need to be cared for because they cannot live safely alone. Having a trained dementia carer offers the specialised help, support and quality care.

Why choose Dementia Care with Fortune Life Home Care?

  • Our carer’s are dementia trained, they will be more sensitive to your needs and feelings to ensure that your self-esteem is maintained for as long as possible. This allows you to retain your sense of person and dignity.
  • We will engage with you and be proactive to keeping your memory active through meaningful tasks.
  • If you take part in activities or community events this is very beneficial to your well-being and we are happy to support you to maintain your lifestyle, encourage your independence, safety, provide reassurance, and maintain good and positive relationship to other members of the care team.

The best place for a person with memory loss is in familiar surroundings. The services provided by Fortune Life Home Care are a valuable, trusted solution to help your loved one maintain a regular routine, enhancing his or her quality of life.

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